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Self-manageable web

self-manageable web

Self-manageable design and web development

King Turbot

King Turbot is multinational Stolt Sea Farm's main turbot brand. Sustainable fish farming is the foundation on which the brand is built. Careful feed monitoring and fish farming make King Turbot a market leader.

We at Invbit have been responsible for the design and development of this self-managed website. Its exclusive design makes browsing easier, making the site more user-friendly..

The new King Turbot website has an administration dashboard from which its content can be updated, text and images can be deleted and new content can be added, all of which will help to improve the SEO positioning of the website.

The dashboard for the King Turbot website is very intuitive and easy to use. Site content can be managed without advanced programming knowledge. That makes the work of those responsible for keeping it updated so much easier.

  • Wordpress + Bespoke development
  • Bespoke design
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript